Warehouse Organization, Arrangement, Shifting and relocation

Integrated Logistics offers this unique service due to the fact that a well-organized, well-arranged and properly located warehouse will greatly help in the efficiency of all operations in it. Integrated Logistics has extensive experience in arranging and organizing warehouses and also has experience in shifting and relocating the warehouse from one location to another. It is very important to take care and ensure that the shifted goods are not damaged or lost. Considering that there is currently no company available in the market that specializes in this matter other than logistical integration, and all available companies are furniture transport companies.

Warehouse Organization, Arrangement, Shifting and relocation

A warehouse with good organization and arrangement of products inside it helps a lot in the efficiency of operations at the warehouse. This reduces the time of taking out or receiving the goods. It also reduces the incidence of errors in all warehouse operations and helps greatly in raising the level of accuracy in work.

When organizing and arranging the warehouse, the nature of the products stored in it and the type of handling equipment used in it must be taken into account.

The width of the aisles, the storage system (floor, shelves, and racks) and the type of handling equipment used are considered to be from the main determinants in this regard.

Frequently requested items (fast-moving) should be stored in an easily accessible location, and slow-moving items and dead stock should be stored on the top at back of the warehouse.

High-value valuable items must also be kept in a well-secured location and kept permanently locked, with restricted access.

Integrated Logistics also provides the service of moving and shifting the entire warehouse from one location to another.

Integrated Logistics performs this service in a professional manner that ensures and maintains the quantity and quality of shifted goods.

Integrated Logistics ensures that the shifted goods will be arranged at the new location in a professional manner. The nature of the goods, the frequency of demand for them, and the volume of stored goods will all be taken into consideration when moving to the new location. Also, the ease of access to any item on the warehouse is something that must be taken into consideration.