warehouse operations Logistical Audit

Integrated Logistics offers this service to provide the customer with an in-depth report on the operations in his warehouses. The goal of this service is to detect weak areas and risk that need work or possible areas of improvement and development.

warehouse operations Logistical Audit

A logistics audit of warehouse operations involves an in-depth analysis of all warehouse operations. The audit will focus on the following:

+ Storing, receiving goods, delivering and distributing goods.

+ Inventory and stock count & control.

+ Reporting system for warehouse operations (dead stock, slow moving, and obsolete items) and the communication systems with other departments.

+ Safety and security of inventory and personnel in warehouses,

+ Optimal use of resources in warehouses.

+ Systems, regulations and procedures & procedures governing work.

Integrated Logistics through this service aims to identify any inefficiencies, bottlenecks and waste by evaluating the entire warehouse and warehousing operations.

No solutions/suggestions will be provided to address deficiencies in this service. If the customer wishes to obtain solutions and suggestions for deficiencies, he will be moved to another service, which is the service (Development and Improvement of Warehouse Operations)