Our Methodology

The work methodology in Integrated logistics is to seek identify the source of problems, gaps and failures and provide solutions and consultations that solve the problem from its roots. The work methodology in integrated logistics is divided into four stages (Evaluation, Solution Design, Solution Implementation, and Monitoring and Follow-up)

Our Methodology

The Integrated logistics work methodology is implemented according to the following order:

1- Evaluation stage:
This stage includes conducting a comprehensive study and analysis of the current situation (practice), comparing it with work regulations and procedures, comparing it with the standards for work, and then finding the deviations and non-compliance in practice (results and recommendations).
2- Design stage:
Based on the results and recommendations, integrated logistics will do the following:

+ Designing the appropriate solutions and consultations for the situation.

+ Determining the requirements necessary to implement the solutions.

+ Defining and clarifying the solution outcomes (expected results from the solution)

The proposed solutions, recommendations, requirements and expected results are discussed in depth with the client and agreed upon

3- Implementation stage:
After the discussion with the client and obtaining his approval of the proposed solutions, Integrated Logistics implements the proposed solutions on the ground in accordance with the established implementation plan. The implementation plan includes determining the beginning and end of the work as well as the implementation stages.

4- Monitoring and follow-up stage:
It is the last stage of the work stages, and its primary goal is to ensure that the proposed solutions have been put into action and have been adhered to according to the plan. It is also to ensure that the desired results have been achieved. Any deviations are monitored and addressed immediately to ensure that things are on track.