Inventory cout is the physical verification of the quantities and condition of items held in an inventory or warehouse

Inventory count guarantee these advantages:
•    Match the physical and booked quantity
•    Reveal internal theft
•    Uncover book keeping errors (Manually, and Electronic)
•    Easy reference for internal & external auditors
•    Reveal unrecorded transactions
•    Detects errors at early stage
•    Increase confidence in selling/buying decisions.

Inventory count types:

Annual Inventory count:
-    All the warehouse operations have to be blocked.
-    All the items in the location are physically counted (WALL TO WALL)
-    A variance report is provided to the customer
Perpetual Inventory count:
-    ABC stock classification can be used with high frequency of count for class A, less for B and minimum for C.
-    Ensures a full count of all the stock depending on the nature of each activity. 

Surprise inventory count:
-    Occures suddenly without warehouse employees knowledge about the time of the inventory count or the SKUs to be counted.
-    Decreases the possibility of theft from the warehouse
-    Forces warehouse employees to be always on the alert
-    Count the precious product or the fast moving product or as the customer requirements